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Having your pet micro-chipped can save a lot of heartbreak if your pet is lost or stolen.

If the unthinkable happens and your pet is stolen or gets lost a vet, rescue centre or dog warden can scan your animal and reunit you quickly. Saving you and your pet a lot of suffering and heartbreak.

What is a Micro-chip?
A micro-chip is a tiny inert capsule the size of a grain of rice, which contains a unique identification number linking you to your pet.

How does it work?
It only takes a few moments to micro-chip your pet, the tiny capsule is inserted under the skin between their shoulder blades, it is quick and relatively painless – like having an injection. A quick cuddle and its done!

The details on your chip is then registered with Pet Log (www.petlog.org.uk/) the largest database of micro-chipped pets run by the Kennel Club and used by vets and rescue centres throughout the UK. Your details are registered against your pets ID number, and should you become parted, your pet will be reunited with you.

How long does it last?
Once a micro-chip is implanted it can’t be removed easily and it lasts for life. A one off charge for the implant and to register your details will keep your pet safe for life.

 Who can scan my pet?
Any vet, rescue centre or warden, they have a simple hand held scanner. Pets Detect use the latest technology and their micro-chips can be scanned by any ISO scanner.

How much does it cost?
A one off charge covers everything for life, the micro chip, registration and holding your information on the database.
£12.00 per pet

Traveling Abroad?
If you plan to travel abroad and take your pet with you, you must by law have your pet micro-chipped.

Why not have your pet micro-chipped whilst they are staying with us?

For an appointment of for more information please contact Julie on 01904 608265.

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